Agistment & Spelling

From the beginning, Craiglea’s shift from dairy cows to thoroughbreds in the early 1980’s was born on the premise of capitalising on the property’s location and natural attributes. These enabled the establishment of a premier agistment and spelling complex. And today, that’s still the case with Craiglea’s core business revolving around the rest and recuperation needed by gallopers after a tough campaign at the racetrack.

As well as fenced paddocks and yards for up to 400 horses, Craiglea also boasts superb foaling facilities and 30 undercover stables. The property thrives on plentiful rainfall and superb weather conditions with a summer temperature range of 17-28 degrees. Horses lucky enough to enjoy a holiday at Craiglea will want for nothing and are also supplemented with a home grown feed mix to suit local conditions.

For owners, both new and old, it’s a luxury to know their prized possessions are in the ultimate professional care, whether they are spelling gallopers, in-foal broodmares, or the future stars of the track – the weanlings and yearlings.

So when your prized thoroughbred next needs a holiday – think 5-star and book in for the deluxe treatment offered by the family friendly team at Craiglea.

Spelling Rates*

Stallions $15.50 (+GST)
One Horse, per half or acre paddock.
With full suppliment feed.
$14.50 (+GST)
Two horses, sharing acre paddock.
With full suppliment feed.
$14.50 (+GST)
Two yearlings, sharing acre paddock.
With full suppliment feed.
$14.50 (+GST)
Yearlings / Weanlings $13.50 (+GST)
Broodmare and foal (wet mare).
With full suppliment feed.
$14.50 (+GST)
Dry broodmare.
With full suppliment feed.
$13.50 (+GST)

* Rates are per day.

Broodmare Charges

Bulk Vet Fee.
Includes all folical, pregnant testing & drugs. Also caslick if required.
$363.63 (+GST)
Handling Fee. $350 (+ GST)
Walk-In Fee. $150 (+ GST)
Foaling Down Fee. $400 (+GST)

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